Whether Mother’s Day is a happy or difficult day for you and yours, we’ve pulled together stories of motherhood in many different forms to offer you joy, peace, understanding, and a chance to think about the mother figures in your life and what they mean to you. As we approach Mother’s Day, enjoy three brand-new animations from our new season, “Listening to Mom.”

This Mother’s Day, give a mother figure in your life the gift of StoryCorps conversation and record her stories for generations. You can record in person using the StoryCorps App, or remotely using StoryCorps Connect.

New Animation Season: Listening to Mom

Stories that reflect on the mother figures in our lives and what they mean to us.

Lessons From Lourdes

Lourdes Villanueva grew up a daughter of migrant workers. Her family was constantly on the move, preventing Lourdes from receiving her high school diploma. Despite all the odds stacked against her, she was determined to earn her GED before her children received their high school diplomas. At StoryCorps, Lourdes sits down with her son Roger, who reflects on how his mom’s achievements inspired him.

Joyce’s Neighborhood

Growing up, Mary Mills didn’t have siblings to play with, but she was never lonely. At StoryCorps, Mary sits down with her mother Joyce to reflect on sharing her with the neighborhood kids.

Meet the Greenbergs

For Laura Greenberg, hugging, cursing, and oversharing were ways in which she and her family expressed love. At StoryCorps, she sits down with her daughter to reflect on their unconventional love language.

More Stories of Motherhood


12–year–old Joshua, who has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD),
interviews his mother, and they cover everything from
cockroaches to Sarah’s feelings about Joshua as a son.

Gabe and Chris López

Gabe López remembers when things really changed for him as a transgender kid. With his mother by his side, he was never alone.

“When I did get back home, my son didn’t recognize me.”
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Coming Home From the Corners of the World

Ever since Dr. Lora Koenig and Dr. Zoe Courville met in the middle of the Greenland ice sheet, their friendship has helped them navigate the challenges of their climate research work and parenting.

"Nobody wanted to work with me."
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Climbing to the Top at ConEdison

Monica Harwell was the first woman to climb electric utility poles for ConEdison in New York, installing power lines dozens of feet in the air. She tells her daughter, Andrea Cleveland, about the challenges she faced.

A Mother’s Promise

Maria Rivas and her teenage daughter Emily prepare for the possibility of Maria returning to El Salvador if she is forced to leave the U.S.

Bonnie and Myra Brown

Bonnie Brown talks with her daughter Myra about living with an intellectual disability, and the powerful bond that the two of them share.

"I spent eight hours a day putting hooks into bungee cords."
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MIT and Parenting, One Week at a Time

Mechanical engineer and MIT graduate Noramay Cadena tells her daughter, Chassitty Saldana, about what it was like to raise her while she was studying.

“When I took you home, I didn’t know how to feel.”
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Not a Fairytale, Not a Failure

April Gibson, 33, talks with her teenage son, Gregory Bess, about how she felt when he was born.

Alice and Ibukun

Alice Mitchell was 14 when her mother died unexpectedly, just two weeks after giving birth to her youngest child, Ibukun Owolabi. Ten years later, the siblings discuss losing their mother for the first time.

Me & You

Jackie’s life changed when she and her husband adopted their son, Scott. She shares with Scott for the first time what led her to make that decision. They reflect on their love for one another.

“I struggled with, maybe I should have stayed away.”
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Uncovering Family Secrets

Lisa Bouler Daniels tells her biological brother Benjamin Chambers what it was like to learn about her birth mother after she passed away.
Warning: The following story discusses sexual assault.

"I heard her say, 'Don’t you be no sad mama for my grandbaby!'"
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Walking in a Mother’s Legacy

Sada Jackson sat down to learn about her late mother through her mom’s best friend, Angela Morehead-Mugita.

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