About Me:

I’m a New York native coming at you from a slew of urban Queens neighborhoods that shaped my ability to be resilient, gutsy, and transparent. Additionally, I am a first-generation college graduate, a young adult of the theater, a thrill seeker, a granddaughter of a Shinnecock Native American Chief, and a survivor of homelessness. I say all of this proudly and in the spirit of intersectionality, I humbly represent and take up that space!

I’ve always had the passion to advocate for others, especially within organizations and businesses—not only as an ally but as a representative of employees’ voices. I have a degree in Psychology and I’m both a Human Resources professional and an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist practitioner. 

I truly value the human connection and thus, I continue my passion to pursue genuine and authentic connection here at StoryCorps. I thrive in environments where I can encourage, engage, motivate, coach, mentor, and support others in bringing their best selves. In the best ways, I’m both a fighter and a champion.

What is your role and how long have you been in this position?

I’m the Manager of People and Culture and I’ve been at StoryCorps just over a year and a half.

What does your job entail?

I oversee recruitment and talent acquisition, from strategy to the full employee life cycle, including the creation of job analysis. I’m also the internship program manager, supporting and providing an application-based learning environment for students and continuing professionals. In addition, I manage the Culture Club where we have the opportunity to bring multiple, dynamic perspectives together for a mix of educational and social events (e.g., Recent events include a celebration of AANHPI Heritage Month, a Pride ice cream social, and an Ofrenda (altar) in honor of Day of the Dead.) Lastly, I’m a strategic thought partner and pivotal member of the IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility) group. 

What are some rewards of your job?

The people I get to interact with. Bringing someone on the journey into the organization and seeing them take on the work, make it their own and get promoted, makes me proud and genuinely warms my heart. I love being an employee champion, mentor, and coach. 

What are some challenges of your job?

StoryCorps is great at celebrating when people move on to new opportunities, but it’s bittersweet because of the great impact they often leave. With that, comes the backfilling of those roles which can be a challenge. In HR, we have a brand new team so it’s a matter of navigating that journey to build our HR landscape together which I’m thoroughly enjoying, but it comes with its own daily challenges. 

Why should everyone record a story with StoryCorps?

People like to be heard. Recording a conversation gives autonomy and power to your voice. Sometimes everyone sharing on social media can make you feel small, but knowing your voice mattersand putting your stamp on the worldis very empowering.

What is your favorite StoryCorps story?

I love the story about a cowboy from South Central in Los Angeles. He shows kids that there is a world outside of their community, where they often feel like there is no way out. That’s my background and I believelike the cowboy doesthat we should always reach for the stars.