Many people come to StoryCorps to reflect on the most important moments of their lives, often finding hope even in the most challenging circumstances.

In this episode, we start with Jeff Wilson from Dublin, California. In 1984, Jeff, then a junior in high school, was driving to campus when he accidentally hit his classmate, Tammie Baird. Tammie survived with minor injuries, but Jeff carried the guilt of the accident for decades — until he received an email from Tammy that piqued his curiosity as much as it put his mind at ease.

Jeff Wilson and Tammie Baird at their StoryCorps interview in 2015. Photo by Yosmay del Mayo for StoryCorps.

In 2015, Jeff and Tammie reunited at StoryCorps to talk about the accident and the paths they took after that day.

Stuntwoman Tammie Baird’s signed press photo: “Jeff, Thanks for being my first.” Courtesy of Tammie Baird.

Next, we’ll hear about how another car accident brought people together in unexpected and meaningful ways.

In the summer of 1991, seven-year-old Bryan Lindsay was out riding his bike in Brooklyn, New York when he was struck by a van and almost killed.

Rowan Allen was the paramedic who arrived on the scene that day. Almost 20 years later, he and Bryan came to StoryCorps to remember that day and the impact it had on both of their lives.

Bryan Lindsay and Rowan Allen at their StoryCorps interview in 2016. Photo by Eve Claxton for StoryCorps.

But Rowan and Bryan weren’t the only ones transformed by the accident. In 2021, Bryan’s mom, Dorothy Lindsay, sat down for a StoryCorps interview with Rowan to thank him for saving her son’s life, and to tell him how his actions inspired her to pursue a new line of work.

Dorothy Lindsay and Bryan Lindsay at Erv’s Restaurant in Brooklyn, New York, in 2019. Courtesy of Dorothy Lindsay.
Top photo: Artwork by Rosalyn Yoon.

Released on September 28th, 2021.