In this week’s podcast, three stories from our OutLoud initiative — which collects stories of the LGBTQ community — about what happens when you decide to come out, or not.

Nichols3 Our first story comes from rural Michigan.

Twenty-year-old Corey Nichols (center) came to StoryCorps with his adoptive mom, Mindy Forsythe (right). They first met when Corey was in high school, and he became friends with her daughter, Aubrey Forsythe (left).

At the time, Corey was starting to realize that he was gay, but even though things were getting better for gay people across the country, they weren’t getting any easier in Corey’s house.

In another conversation, Corey talks with his adoptive sister, Aubrey, about what school was like after Corey came to live with her family.

Next, 75-year-old Glenda Elliott remembers a life-long love that never had the chance to blossom.

Plus, a behind-the-scenes conversation about our latest animated short. The animation comes from a broadcast of 70-year-old Patrick Haggerty telling his daughter, Robin, about the day he first had a conversation with his father about being gay. Patrick stopped by the StoryCorps office to talk about what it’s like to be animated and share a little more about his father.

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