’Tis the podcast season for difficult conversations, but on this New Year’s Eve episode, we’re bringing you something a little different; just one story that we couldn’t resist sharing.

Many people will be watching the ball drop in Times Square, but you’re probably unaware that the “real” action will be happening in Tallapoosa, Georgia. That’s where Bud and Jackie Jones, career taxidermists, live. They helped establish a completely different kind of New Year’s Eve tradition in their small town.

Bud and Jackie came to StoryCorps in 2018 to share the love story that helped launch it all.

Since the Tallapoosa Possum Drop began in the late 1990s, the event has grown from about 40 people to over 7,000 in attendance. That’s more than twice the population of Tallapoosa itself.

Top photo: Artwork by Lindsay Mound.
Middle photo: Bud and Jackie Jones in 2018 at their StoryCorps interview in Tallapoosa, Georgia. Photo by Brenda Norbeck-Ford for StoryCorps.
Bottom photo: Bud and Jackie Jones pose near “Spencer” at the Possum Drop in Tallapoosa, GA in 2014. Courtesy Bud Jones.

Released on December 31, 2019.

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