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The StoryCorps App

The StoryCorps App


Launched with support from the 2015 TED Prize and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, our free mobile app puts the StoryCorps experience entirely in your hands so that you can record and archive a meaningful conversation with anyone, anywhere.

The app guides users through the interview experience from start to finish with easy-to-use tools to help you prepare interview questions, record high-quality conversations on your mobile device, and upload the audio to the Library of Congress and our new StoryCorps Archive platform.

To get started, download the app and read our user guides below. For support and to share your feedback and community success stories, visit our Help Center or email us at [email protected].

User Guides

Safety Tips for Recording on the App During COVID-19

Do not record if you are ill and do not record any family members who are ill. Symptoms of illness include fever, cough, feeling very tired, and may also include sore throat or runny nose.

If the person you want to interview is uncomfortable about doing a recording, do not put pressure on them to participate.

If your interview subject does not live with you and is sheltered at home or in a facility, do not go and record with their face-to-face.

Wash your hands and have your interview partner wash their hands before the interview.

Clean your phone with a wipe* before you begin and at the end of the interview.

Sit at least six feet away from the person you are recording. Hold the phone two feet from your mouth to record the question, use a selfie stick or slide the phone over a table to the person you are interviewing for their answer. The interviewee should also hold the phone two feet from their mouth. Wipe the phone down in between each question and answer.

*NYTimes – How to Clean Your Phone to Help Protect Against Coronavirus

How To Use The StoryCorps App

Learn how to use the free StoryCorps App in five simple steps!

The Origin of the StoryCorps App

Watch the 2015 TED Talk in which Dave Isay shares his vision for how meaningful conversation can transform the world.