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New Museum

New Museum

STORYCORPS: Hear and There

Experience StoryCorps’ unique audio walking tour

Disparate moments drawn from StoryCorps’ archive of over 47,000 recorded conversations combine to tell the stories of the places in which we live and the streets where we walk every day. A collaboration between StoryCorps and producer Krissy Clark of Stories Everywhere, StoryCorps: Hear and There pieces together a set of these brief and untold memories in an interactive walking tour that tells the stories of Lower Manhattan and details the changes the neighborhood has undergone over time.

This self-guided tour brings together stories of the stoops, streets and sidewalks of the Lower East Side, drawn from StoryCorps’ extensive New York City interview archive. To experience the tour, simply walk through the streets and make the walls of the neighborhood “talk” through the remarkable stories of everyday people, accessible via your mobile phone.

Download the StoryCorps: Here And There map to begin.