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Memory Loss Initiative

Memory Loss Initiative

Since 2006, StoryCorps’ Memory Loss Initiative has supported and encouraged people with various forms of memory loss to share their stories with loved ones and future generations. To date, the Memory Loss Initiative collected more than 1,800 interviews with 180 partner organizations.

The Commemorate Toolkit

The Memory Loss Initiative has created a unique toolkit called Commemorate, designed to help organizations record, share, and preserve the stories of clients living with memory loss.

The Commemorate Toolkit offers memory loss care facilities across the country a new individualized reminiscence program they can add to their existing roster of person-centered care activities. Offering Commemorate interviews to people living with memory loss can enhance bonds between clients, caregivers, and staff and reduce common feelings of isolation and low self-esteem. These interviews also offer clients and their families the opportunity to preserve the legacy of individuals living with memory loss.

Download the files:

Commemorate Toolkit : (zip file, 10.4 MB)
Commemorate Companion CD: (zip file, 10.7 MB)

Listen to Memory Loss Initiative Stories

Stephanie Cook interviews her mother, 88-year-old Loretta Dranoff. Dranoff started showing signs of memory loss about a decade ago, but as a life-long pianist she continued to play the piano well into her eighties.


Recorded in partnership with the Hearthstone Alzheimer Care residence in New York, NY.

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