Per Diem Facilitator, Chicago StoryBooth

Job Title: Per Diem Facilitator
Department: Interview Collection
Division: Programs
Location: Chicago, IL
Reports To: Regional Manager, Chicago StoryBooth
Status: Per Diem, Casual

Position Overview

Facilitators are the public face of StoryCorps and work to carry out our mission.

Facilitators welcome participants to the recording site, orient them to the interview process, handle the technical and administrative aspects of recordings, and do whatever they can to make the StoryCorps experience a positive one for participants and partner organizations.

Facilitators listen carefully and guide participants during interviews, log content, and assume the role of interviewer when a participant comes alone. Facilitators are responsible for data entry, archival activities, reporting, and other tasks necessary to the preservation of interviews and upkeep of the recording space and equipment.

The Per Diem Facilitator position is an on-call, as-needed position, based out of our Chicago StoryBooth. When Facilitators are not able to cover a shift (or shifts), StoryCorps’ Per Diem Facilitators are contacted and offered the hours. The hours of the Per Diem Facilitator position depend entirely on the availability of work and will vary week to week.

Some of the Per Diem Facilitator’s shifts will take place in our Chicago StoryBooth, and some of the shifts will require travel. These trips, recorded through our National service, in which Facilitators bring portable recording equipment to an offsite location (e.g., an organization, school, church, event, etc.) to record up to six interviews per day, could range from one Chicago-area recording day to week-long recording trips to anywhere in the U.S.  Per Diem Facilitators are part of the Interview Collection Department and report to the Regional Manager, Chicago StoryBooth.

StoryCorps is committed to recording, preserving, and sharing stories from a wide range of American voices—from our Griot Initiative, a program dedicated to recording the stories of African Americans to StoryCorps Historias, a program dedicated to recording the stories of Latinos.  Candidates with work experience in diverse communities are strongly encouraged to apply.
The Per Diem Facilitator role is best suited for someone with a flexible schedule and the ability to work on an as-needed basis — for example individuals who are otherwise employed on a part-time or freelance basis.  Full-time students or individuals who are employed full-time should not apply.  Upon hire, the Per Diem Facilitator will be required to attend a mandatory training.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Welcome participants and guide them through the interview process, asking questions as appropriate
  • Exhibit sensitivity to the special needs of all participants and to those of specific target populations of StoryCorps initiatives
  • Handle all technical aspects of making the recordings
  • Act as interviewer with solo participants
  • Perform data entry and archival processing tasks to ensure preservation of interviews and an accurate record the day’s activity
  • Actively guide the content of any interviews conducted with participants who have been specially recruited by the Production Department
  • Identify tape from interviews to be considered for broadcast
  • Solicit donations from participants; accurately process and record transactions
  • Professionally represent StoryCorps to the public and actively promote the StoryCorps mission
  • Resolve issues and improve services; look to proactively solve day-to-day problems
  • Perform other tasks to support the Chicago StoryBooth and the Interview Collection Department, as assigned

Knowledge, Skills, and Qualifications


  • High school diploma or equivalency plus 3 years of relevant professional experience, or 2 or 4-year college degree plus 1 year of relevant professional experience
  • Ability to work evenings and weekends and to travel on short notice (e.g. for field recordings lasting one day to one week)
  • High school diploma or equivalency
  • Excellent driving skills and a valid driver’s license
  • Excellent interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills, including public speaking skills
  • Solid organization skills, multi-tasking ability, and attention to detail
  • Strong conflict negotiation and collaborative skills
  • Ability to be flexible and adaptable in order to contribute to problem-solving activities within a growing, changing organization
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Cultural competence and the ability to work successfully with diverse groups of people
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office and web-mail (e.g., G-mail)
  • Comfort in learning and working with new equipment (e.g., audio recording equipment, digital cameras)


  • College degree
  • Ability to communicate clearly in Spanish and English, both orally and in writing
  • Proficiency on a Mac platform
  • Experience with audio recording equipment

Physical Requirements:

Occasionally, Facilitators must transport a bag (25 lbs) and a Field Recording Kit (40 lbs, on wheels) usually via car service; it is possible that if Facilitators travel via airplane, they would need to transport and lift the equipment into overhead bins along with managing their own luggage

To Apply

To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to and include your last name and the position title in the subject line: for example, “Jones – Per Diem Facilitator, Chicago StoryBooth.” Include your cover letter and resume as attachments titled “YourNameLetter” and “YourNameResume.”  In your cover letter, please tell us how you found out about this opportunity and whether you have applied for a position at StoryCorps in the past.

StoryCorps seeks to hire staff who reflect the diversity of the communities we serve.

All positions at StoryCorps are filled without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, HIV/AIDS status, veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law. All are encouraged to apply.

Each week, the StoryCorps podcast shares these unscripted conversations, revealing the wisdom, courage, and poetry in the words of people you might not notice walking down the street.