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Library of Materials

Library of Materials

Printable Teacher Toolkit & Materials

Make History with StoryCorps Handout Download Printable PDF

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The Great Listen Teacher Toolkit (all materials in PDF) Download Printable PDF
Printable Classroom Posters (set of five) Download Printable PDFs
Keywording 101 Handout Download Printable PDF
Recipes for Success on Interview Day Handout Download Printable PDF
The Great Listen – Great Questions List Download Printable PDF
Interview Planning Worksheet Download Printable PDF
Sample Permission Slip Download Printable PDF
Recording Recommendations Download Printable PDF
10 Conversation Tips Download Printable PDF
StoryCorps Connect: Getting Started Download Printable PDF
Activities for Exploring the StoryCorps Archive Download Printable PDF
Creating a Community Page on the StoryCorps Archive Download Printable PDF


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Lista de Preguntas Descargar PDF Imprimible
StoryCorps Connect: Para Grabar Descargar PDF Imprimible

Printable Placemat

It’s the connections they’ll remember more than the centerpiece or the stuffing. Download and print the official Great Thanksgiving Listen placemat, in whatever quantity you need, and you’ll have a sampler platter of Great Questions closer than the salt shaker. Use them as ice-breakers around the table, then after the meal find a quiet place and record your interview with the free StoryCorps App.

Download Printable PDF (size: 8.5″ x 11″)


Title Watch Download
Podcast 452: The First Great Listen (21 mins.)
A selection of stories, plus a mystery, as recorded and shared by people across the country during The Inaugural Great Thanksgiving Listen.

Videos About The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Title Watch Download
The Great Thanksgiving Listen: A Guide for Educators (30 min.)
A pre-recorded, comprehensive webinar
for educators to highlight everything
you need to know about The Great Listen.
The Great Thanksgiving Listen: A Starter’s Manual for Students
(30 min.) A pre-recorded webinar that
introduces students to The Great
Thanksgiving Listen assignment.
The Great Thanksgiving Listen from StoryCorps & Google (1 min.)
An introduction to The Great Listen,
created in partnership with Google
in 2015, featuring David Hyde Pierce.
Dave Isay’s 2016 TED Talk (8 min.)
Get inspired when our founder shares what
happened when StoryCorps invited students
to record during the inaugural Great Thanksgiving Listen.
Dave Isay’s 2015 TED Talk (22 min.)
The TED Talk that sparked a movement.
Hear our founder’s vision to take StoryCorps
global and about the launch of the app.

Videos with Tips for Using the App and StoryCorps Connect

Title Watch Download
How To Use The StoryCorps App (2 min.)
Learn how to use the free StoryCorps App in five simple steps!
How To Use StoryCorps Connect (2 min.)
An easy road map for recording on our newest free tool, StoryCorps Connect!
A Recipe for Success in 5 Steps (1 min.)
Ingredients for The Great Thanksgiving Listen: a quiet place, you, someone you love, and the StoryCorps App.

Videos of StoryCorps Classics

“An Intro to StoryCorps” (3 min.)
Learn more about StoryCorps in this conversation between StoryCorps Founder Dave Isay and his nephew.

“No More Questions” (4 min.)
Timeless wisdom from Kay Wang, a
strong-willed grandmother who shares stories
with her son and granddaughter.

“Eyes on the Stars” (3 min.)
A remembrance of NASA astronaut Ronald E. McNair,
who followed his childhood dreams to become the
second African-American to enter space.

“Clean Streets” (3 min.)
Sanitation workers Angelo Bruno and Eddie Nieves
reflect on their years of working together
and what they learned on the job.

“The Icing on the Cake” (3 min.)
Blanca Alvarez in conversation with her daughter,
Connie, about hardship their family faced and the
lessons learned when they came to the U.S.

“Silvia’s Legacy” (2.5 min.)
In the 1950s, Ellaraino travels to the Louisiana
log cabin of her elderly great-grandmother, gaining
a new perspective on what it means to be free.

Title Watch Download

Videos for Further Inspiration

Watch these intergenerational animated stories in your classroom as inspiration leading up to Thanksgiving, or invite your students to watch and share a story with the person they are going to interview.

“The Temple of Knowledge” (2.5 min.)
Growing up, Ronald Clark spent every night in
a library with his father, who worked as a custodian
at the New York Public Library.

“My Father, The Giant” (2 min.)
Kiamichi-tet Williams learns about his grandfather,
Melford, who was a tribal leader for the Caddo Nation
in Oklahoma.

“Mi Abuela Panchita” (2 min.)
A San Antonio bishop believes he is his family’s
dispenser of spiritual wisdom. He is reminded
by his abuelita that there are some things only elders can grasp.

“Double Major” (3 min.)
Wil Smith enrolled as a freshman at Bowdoin College
with his infant daughter, Olivia. The two look back
together on their days as college roommates.
“A Life Worth Living” (3 min.)
MJ Seide remembers falling in love and getting to know
the extended family she never thought she would have.
She and her granddaughter reflect on their close family bonds.
“Leading the Way” (3 min.)
95 year-old John Washington was born blind and with
a severe loss of hearing. He sat down with his eldest
child for a conversation about the pride he takes in
his kids and to laugh over some of their childhood hijinks.

Title Watch Download

Videos All About Interviewing

Four Tips for an Effective Interview (5 min.)
How to ask open-ended questions that help
you guide your subject through personal
stories and share in a great conversation.

Title Watch Download
Q & A (3 min.)
12–year–old Joshua, who has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD),
interviews his mother, and they cover everything from
cockroaches to Sarah’s feelings about Joshua as a son.
7 Minute Masterclass on Interviewing with StoryCorps (7 min.)
StoryCorps staffer Daniel Horowitz Garcia
walks through some pro-tips on how to do
an interview and how to tell a good story.
Tips for Active Listening (4:30 min.)
Tips from StoryCorps on how both
people—interviewer and interviewee—can
contribute to having a great conversation.
The StoryCorps App: A Recipe for Success (1 min.)
Ingredients for The Great Thanksgiving Listen:
a quiet place, you, someone you love, and
the StoryCorps App.