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What is the Great Listen?

The Great Listen encourages people of all ages to create an oral history of our times by recording an interview with an elder, mentor, friend, or someone they admire. This year, as we celebrate 20 years of stories that matter, and we have a number of opportunities to engage listeners in our work. We invite you to participate in the annual Great Thanksgiving Listen — an initiative that encourages people to honor someone in their lives by recording their story for future generations. Participants can record an interview with someone in the same room using the free StoryCorps App or record with someone in a different location using, StoryCorps Connect.

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Everyone can be a part of the Great Listen!

Whether you’re gathered with your loved ones at the dinner table or immersed in the world of learning in your classroom, the magic of the Great Listen is right at your fingertips!

Collection to Inspire you this great Listen

Additionally, we’ll be encouraging individuals to set aside time to listen to curated stories from our archives, as we highlight the many ways in which StoryCorps stories share hope, human potential, and truths from lived experiences of everyday people, and challenge stereotypes and incomplete narratives.

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