Additional Teacher Resources

Additional Teacher Resources

StoryCorps has developed a variety of resources to support the education community’s use of StoryCorps content and interviewing techniques in the classroom. Our intent is to provide a range of engaging, practical materials suitable for use across grade levels and with the potential to support or supplement existing curricula in many subject areas.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2016: Teacher Toolkit

Through The Great Thanksgiving Listen, StoryCorps works with high school history and social studies teachers across America to encourage students to record an interview with a grandparent or another elder using the free StoryCorps app. This is a project about the sharing of wisdom, gratitude, and respect across generations.

To help educators and students participate, StoryCorps has created this toolkit with instructions for helping students to plan, conduct, and archive interviews. Teachers will find guidelines and recommendations that can easily be made into lessons that address state standards for social studies or history curricula. There is also an appendix section with supporting materials and student worksheets for getting the most out of classroom participation in the Great Thanksgiving Listen.

Download the Great Thanksgiving Listen 2016 Teacher Toolkit.

Unheard Voices: Curriculum Created In Partnership With ADL and GLSEN

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Network (GLSEN), and StoryCorps have collaborated to create Unheard Voices, an oral history and curriculum project that will help educators integrate lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) history and issues into their instructional programs.

Find the Unheard Voices curriculum here.

TED-Ed: “Eyes On The Stars” Lesson Plan

StoryCorps’ Animated Short “Eyes on the Stars” is featured in the Best Flips page on the TED-Ed website. The website provides a venue by which educators can share lesson plans around video clips on a variety of topics. The “Eyes on the Stars” lesson plan includes both multiple choice and open answer questions based on the animation. The lesson plan also provides resources for digging deeper into the topic of taking a stand against discrimination as well as links to other related StoryCorps audio clips.

Find the “Eyes on the Stars” lesson plan here.

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