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Take One Small Step, Congress!

Created by StoryCorps, One Small Step brings strangers with different political views together to rediscover the truth that we are all human beings and fellow Americans. Thousands of Americans nationwide have found connection with a conversation partner—now it’s your turn. Join us and show the rest of the country what it means to have the courage to listen. 

One Small Step Congress invites members and their senior staffers to participate in a 30-minute conversation with a counterpart of the other party—not to debate politics—but to get to know each other as people.

Each conversation is moderated by a trained facilitator and is recorded and preserved at the Library of Congress, as well as StoryCorps’ online archive. You have control over your recording and can choose whether you want to make your conversation available to the public. 

Your participation will help you reach across the aisle and will send a powerful message to your constituents that you are helping to address the partisan divide in Washington. For more information or to sign-up to be matched with a fellow member of Congress or senior staffer, email us at [email protected].

Read the One Small Step Congress press release.

One Small Step Congress Events

One Small Step is a sponsor of the Congressional Baseball Game at Nationals Stadium on June 14. Program activities will include hosting a social media experience on Center Field Plaza; distributing free One Small Step Question Card decks to support meaningful cross-partisan conversations; and a sixty-second video about OSS Congress which will be broadcast on the jumbotron, featuring real OSS participants across the country, encouraging their elected leaders to participate. Click here to learn more.

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One Small Step is made possible by the generous support of The Hearthland Foundation, The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, The Marcus Foundation, the Walmart Foundation, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the Fetzer Institute, Stand Together Trust, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the Robins Foundation, New Pluralists, and Schwab Charitable Fund made possible by the generosity of Present Progressive Fund.

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