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Callings: The Purpose and Passion of Work

Callings: The Purpose and Passion of Work

Callings: The Purpose and Passion of Work

A new collection of inspiring stories from the heart of the American workforce, available April 2016.

Over the past dozen years, StoryCorps has amassed the largest single collection of voices in history. In Callings, the fifth book from StoryCorps, founder Dave Isay presents stories that celebrate the passion, determination, and courage it takes to pursue the work we feel called to do.

In stories both humorous and poignant, people from an array of occupations recount the struggles and triumphs along the way to discovering their callings.

From the curious young tinkerer in Queens, New York, who later broke the color barrier in video game technology, to the struggling teacher in Baltimore, Maryland, who took his love of the night sky to the streets to teach passers-by about the stars, to the ICU nurse in Phoenix, Arizona, who guides people through their last goodbyes, the individuals we meet in Callings are united by an extraordinary commitment to what they do and what they believe in.

Together, their stories demonstrate how work can be about much more than just making a living, and that chasing dreams and finding inspiration in unexpected places can transform a vocation into a calling. The enduring wisdom they impart will resonate with readers at all stages of life, whether they have found their callings, are at a crossroads, or are just beginning the journey.

Praise for Callings

“Thoughtfully organized and edited, each story is a reminder of the essential role work plays in the pursuit of human happiness. Inspiring, insightful, and thoroughly readable.”Kirkus Reviews

Callings will inspire readers at every stage of their careers to view work with a new appreciation for the possibilities it holds beyond the mundane.” Booklist

“Every one of the stories in this inspiring collection reveals the deep love that motivates the storytellers as they discover and embrace their vocations.” — Publishers Weekly

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