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For Brooklyn’s Bianco Brothers, Keeping it Sharp is a Labor of Love

Small family businesses have been particularly hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re going to hear from one of them.

Bianco Brothers Instruments is owned by twin brothers Joe and Vinny Bianco. They took over the shop from their father, and now their sons are working beside them, expertly sharpening all types of tools. Over the years, their business has grown to include manufacturing a wide array of sharp instruments, from chefs knives to dental cement spatulas.

In a remote interview recorded through StoryCorps Connect, Joe and his son Peter reflected on their craft, and the legacy they are carrying forth in their Brooklyn storefront.

Top photo: Joe Bianco and Peter Bianco.Courtesy of Peter Bianco.
Bottom photo: Joe Bianco grinding at the wheel at the family shop in the 1980s. Courtesy of Joe Bianco.

Originally aired September 4, 2020, on NPR’s Morning Edition. 

‘We’re Like A Lifeline’: Postal Workers Fight Fear To Work In A Pandemic

When Evette Jourdain was struggling to get back on her feet, landing a job as a postal worker in Palm Beach, Florida seemed like a blessing. Now the job carries with it risks she never imagined.

Evette and friend and fellow mail carrier Craig Boddie had a remote conversation using StoryCorps Connect, to talk about what it means for them, personally and professionally, to do their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Originally aired May 15, 2020, on NPR’s Morning Edition.

Top photo: Craig Boddie and Evette Jourdain in Palm Beach, FL. Courtesy of Craig Boddie and Evette Jourdain for StoryCorps.