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Martin Levin and his granddaughters

92-year-old Martin Levin tells his granddaughters Jennifer Goebel (L) and Zoe Crowe (R) about a college classmate he didn’t like.

Laura Greenberg and Rebecca Greenberg

Growing up in her parents’ home in Queens, New York, in the 1950s, Laura Greenberg says she didn’t know what normal behavior was. At StoryCorps, she shares with her daughter Rebecca stories of some of her family experiences, and recalls meeting and marrying her husband.

Originally aired January 21, 2011, on NPR’s Morning Edition.

Jim Crane and his daughter Missy Worden

Jim Crane tells his daughter Missy Worden what he liked best about college.

Originally aired December 17, 2010 on NPR’s Morning Edition.

Judge Berryl Anderson and Virginia Anderson

Judge Berryl Anderson and her mother, Virginia Anderson, came to StoryCorps in Atlanta to talk about what Berryl was like as a child. As it turns out, she was the family troublemaker.

The day they recorded this conversation, Berryl was sworn in as the Chief Magistrate Judge in DeKalb County, Georgia.

Originally aired September 17, 2010 on NPR’s Morning Edition.

Theresa Nguyen and Stephanie Nguyen

Theresa Nguyen talks to her daughter, Stephanie, about balancing their Vietnamese heritage with raising a family in the United States.

Originally aired August 20, 2010, on NPR’s Morning Edition.

Frank Lynch and Antonio Douglas

Frank Lynch, owner of the Cactus Car Wash, talks with his friend and regional manager, Antonio Douglas, about Frank’s concerns over Antonio’s high weight. Eventually Frank, 70, challenged the younger man to a foot race beating him the first time they ran, but following a year of training, Antonio, 45, emerged victorious the next time they ran.

Originally aired January 1, 2010, on NPR’s Morning Edition.

Sam Reed

Sam Reed is a mortician whose interest in the funeral business began when he was a child. For more than a decade, has also been the caretaker at Atlanta’s historic Oakland Cemetery.  At StoryCorps he discusses the many reasons he loves his job.

Originally aired November 6, 2009, on NPR’s Morning Edition.

Chloe Smith and Willie Jefferson

Chloe Smith talks with Willie Jefferson about the 23 years he has worked as a custodian at Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic School, and some of his impressions of her.

Originally aired October 23, 2009, on NPR’s Morning Edition.