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Dymond Hayes and her mother Tami

Tami Hayes talks to her daughter, Dymond, about battling breast cancer as a single parent. Dymond was 13 at the time of Tami’s diagnosis.

Originally aired April 23, 2010, on NPR’s Morning Edition.

Sarafina Viviano and Dana Viviano

Ten-year-old Sarafina Viviano asks her mother, Dana, about what motivated her to become a cancer nurse, and about her relationships with her patients.

Originally aired August 7, 2009, on NPR’s Morning Edition.

Tina Nelson and Dottie Copeland

Dottie Copeland tells her daughter Tina Nelson about her breast cancer diagnosis, how she decided to fight the disease like Sylvester Stallone in Rocky, and how beating it changed her life.

Originally aired June 12, 2009, on NPR’s Morning Edition.