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Larry Hoover and his granddaughter Anastacia Garcia

Larry Hoover grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, surrounded by gangs. He would spend his Friday nights fighting and his mother would often tell him if he didn’t straighten out he would end up in “Springer,” the New Mexico Boys’ School that is a penal institution for juveniles. At StoryCorps, he tells his granddaughter Anastacia Garcia about his time at “Springer,” not as a child but as a teacher.

Originally aired January 8, 2010, on NPR’s Morning Edition.

Richard Torres and Kathy Namba

Richard Anthony Torres talks to his daughter Kathy Namba about his mother, Guadalupe Torres.

Victor Mascareñas and Lucille Mascareñas

Lucille Mascareñas tells her son Victor about moving from the city to live and work on her husband’s family farm, where she spent a lot of time with her husband’s grandmother, Candelaria, who only spoke Spanish. Lucille understood Spanish but did not speak it, and she felt Candelaria was very tough on her, but over time she learned to appreciate the older woman.

Originally aired December 4, 2009, on NPR’s Morning Edition.