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“We’re Stuck With Each Other”: 50 Years of Friendship And Troublemaking

In the 1970s Gary “Zooks” Bezucha was in school to become a physical therapist in Madison, Wisconsin. He kept running into another student time and again, Greg Klatkiewicz.

Greg Klatkiewicz and Gary “Zooks” Bezucha camping in 1996. Courtesy of Greg Klatkiewicz.

Gary and Greg instantly became a dynamic duo, that is until Greg introduced his friend to a hilarious woman he knew from work, Janet. Gary and Janet started dating soon after, and the dynamic duo became the “three amigos.”

Janet Bezucha and Gary “Zooks” Bezucha camping in 2003. Courtesy of Gary Bezucha.

Now, after nearly 50 years, Greg and Gary came to StoryCorps to recount some of the memories that truly stand out.

Top Photo: Greg Klatkiewicz and Gary “Zooks” Bezucha camping in 2019. Courtesy of Greg Klatkiewicz.
Editor’s note: Diane Bezucha, who co-produced this interview, is a StoryCorps employee, and is the daughter of Gary Bezucha.
Originally aired July 23, 2021, on NPR’s Morning Edition.