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A Korean War Veteran Recalls his First Day of Combat

Sergeant Daniel Moon served in two wars: first in WWII when he was just 17, and then again in the Korean War. 

Laura Moon and Daniel Moon after their StoryCorps interview in Chelsea, ME at the Togus VA Hospital on September 12, 2023. By Max Jungreis for StoryCorps.

He didn’t see combat during WWII, but his experiences during the Korean War were harrowing. He was a member of Fox Company 19th Infantry Regiment, and he sustained severe injuries during his first battle. He also witnessed the deaths of several fellow soldiers. 

Sergeant Daniel Moon (Back row Right) with his Squad members at Camp Crawford, Hokkaido Japan, 1950. Photo courtesy Laura Moon.

He came to StoryCorps with his daughter, Laura Moon, to remember that day.

Top Photo: Daniel Moon in Seoul, Korea 1948

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Originally aired September 30th, 2023, on NPR’s Weekend Edition Saturday.