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Divers Reflect on Discovering Their History

In 1959, Albert t José Jones founded the first Black Scuba Diving Club in the U.S. as a senior in college.

Since then the club has grown to over 3,000 members and traveled all over the world training Black divers and coming face to face with history.

At StoryCorps Albert shared memories of 65 years of underwater exploring with his colleague Jay Hailger.

Albert Jones in diving gear in Key West, Florida in 2000. Courtesy of Albert Jones.
Top Photo:  Albert Jones scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, Heron Island, Australia in 1961. Courtesy of Albert Jones.
Middle Photo: The Underwater Adventure Seekers in Sandy Point Beach, Annapolis, Maryland in 1974. Courtesy of Albert Jones.

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Originally aired April 26, 2024 on NPR’s Morning Edition.

Ruth Ballard and Ramonia Lee

91-year-old Ruth Ballard (L) tells her minister, Ramonia Lee, about moving to Tuskegee, Alabama during World War II.

Originally aired July 24, 2007 on NPR’s Morning Edition.