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Tracy Ross and Tom Morgan

Tom Morgan (right) talks with his friend Tracy Ross (left) about Tom’s father, James Blaine Morgan, and Tom’s decision to help end his father’s life.

Originally aired November 2, 2007, on NPR’s Morning Edition.

Tom Geerdes and Hannah Campbell

Tom Geerdes tells his daughter Hannah Campbell about how the Vietnam War changed him. Tom recalls that upon his return to the United States he “was not really worried anymore about being socially acceptable,” and his long hair and beard alienated him from his family. It wasn’t until a decade after his return that he began to heal.

Originally aired November 10, 2006, on NPR’s Morning Edition.

Sonya Baker and Michael Fazio

Sonya Baker and her husband, Michael Fazio, recount the beginnings of their love story, which has a unique starting point—a tollbooth. They met on the New York State Thruway where Michael worked as a toll collector for 17 years.

Originally aired on February 10, 2006, on NPR’s Morning Edition.