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Zoë Waters, Maddy Waters, and Nick Waters

Ten-year-old triplets Maddy, Zoë, and Nick Waters have spent their entire lives together, sharing everything from a birthday to a bedroom.


But despite being so close, they’d never sat down and asked each other some of their most pressing questions. So they came to a StoryCorps MobileBooth in Bloomington, Indiana, where they found out they still had a lot to learn.


Originally aired June 30, 2017, on NPR’s Morning Edition.

Top photo: Maddy, Zoë, and Nick at their StoryCorps interview in Bloomington, Indiana.
Middle photo: Maddy, Zoë, and Nick on the day all three were able to come home from the hospital in 2007. Courtesy of the Waters Family.
Bottom photo: Maddy, Zoë, and Nick walk to school in Bloomington, Indiana on Zoë’s first day using her power chair in 2016. Courtesy of the Waters Family.