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Barbara Cooper and Jody Houston

Barbara Cooper (left) and her mother, Jody Houston, talk about Barbara living with a rare genetic condition called progeria, which speeds up her body’s aging process. While most people with progeria do not live past 13, at the time of their interview, Barbara was 31 years old.

Originally aired December 5, 2008, on NPR’s Morning Edition.

Jaime Breed and James Lacy

James Lacy tells his daughter Jamie Breed about his father, Jim, who ran a general store in Comanche County, Texas, that prospered until the Great Depression hit and he was no longer able to pay his creditors.

Originally aired July 4, 2008, on NPR’s Morning Edition.

Myra Dean and Gary Jamison

Myra Dean tells her friend Gary Jamison about her son, Rich Stark, 9, who was killed by a reckless driver while watching a sunset close to their home.

Originally aired May 30, 2008, on NPR’s Morning Edition.

Photo courtesy of Myra Dean.