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Yo-yo, Orlando!

Posted on Saturday, January 26th, 2008.


Want to break a world record? No better place than with Orlando’s History Center!

On Saturday, January 26, over 1 700 yo-yo enthusiasts (and the yet-to-be initiated) gathered in downtown Orlando’s Heritage Square. Undeterred by the overcast sky, people came out en masse to support the Guiness World Record-breaking attempt at the local Orange County Regional History Center. Yo-yo-ing, a long-loved sleight of wrist activity, is just one event as part of its latest exhibit, “Kid Stuff: Great Toys from our Childhood,” running through April 13, 2008.


Oh, and here’s what a real Orlando gator looks like!


If you feel like wrasslin’ with a gator, here’s exhibit A (and don’t forget to wear a hat!):


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