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Yankees in Oklahoma

Posted on Wednesday, November 15th, 2006.

Andrew and Mitra spent a couple of days relaxing in the Ouachita Mountains of eastern Oklahoma.


Upon entering their log cabin, Mitra and Andrew took on traditional, American Gothic-style domestic roles. Mitra set about preparing dinner, but had to stop when it became clear that Andrew was incapable of starting a fire. As the night progressed, it also became clear that Andrew was incapable of finding kindling, setting up the kindling that Mitra found, or transferring hot kindling from the stovetop burner to the fireplace.

In the end, they huffed and they puffed and they failed to build a fire.


In the morning, Mitra and Andrew took a hike in the mountains.

While on the trail, Mitra sat down to take in the scenery and enjoy the fall colors. She pondered such questions as “What is the meaning of life” and “What’s better, a fried pickle or fried Mars Bar?”


On their way back to Lawton, they visited Mt. Olivet Cementary or better known as Showman’s Rest in Hugo, Oklahoma.

Hugo has been the base camp for many circuses every winter, and a few hundred showmen and women are now buried at the cementary in town.

As in Donnie Charles Carr (picture on the left), you can take the “Okie” out of the circus, but you can never take the circus out of “Okie.”


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