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“What can I tell you…?”

Posted on Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010.

Marisol and Luis Natividad

At the end of July, members of Los Bilingual Writers and of MANA (Mexican-American Women’s National Association) de San Diego stopped by Logan Heights Library in San Diego, CA to share their story. Among them were Luis Natividad and his daughter Marisol. They arrived towards the end of the day and immediately it was obvious that they were more than parent and child. The suspicion was cleared when Marisol and Luis sat in the recording room and Luis wondered out loud “What could I tell you about me that you don’t know yet?” and Marisol answered with “I know everything.”

But as it turned out, there were still things that Luis and Marisol hadn’t talked about and they spent the next forty minutes talking about his parents and about his feelings as a son, a father – and a grandfather. Marisol is the mother to two little girls that Luis calls his “reason for living,” and he gladly described to his daughter how he rocked her children to sleep the night before, with Marisol sporting a slight smile. He spoke of the mistakes his own father made and about the ones he tried to avoid.

Marisol countered by telling Luis that she felt lucky that Luis served not only as a great father to her and her sisters, but to her friends as well. “I don’t know how many of my friends have said that they think of you as a father,” she said, before laughing and piping up with, “Remember the limo service? You bought that limo and it was the only car we had – so we drove to school in a limo, bought our groceries in a limo, ran all errands with that limo.”

“I still get calls about that limo!” Luis answered, smiling, and the both of them were smiling still when their conversation ended.

“I guess there’s always something new to find out,” Marisol said to me on her way out while pointing at her father, “Specially with this one.”

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