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What a Difference 3 Days Make

Posted on Wednesday, July 18th, 2007.

Today was a busy, muggy Wednesday, chock-full of back-to-back interviews. Were it not for the constant bustle of participants in and out of the Booth today, our patch of Chicago mulch would have been pretty quiet. You’d never think that such a shady space of calm, elegant history was the host of a weekend of family, sun, and blues cover bands. Only three short days ago the DuSable Museum held its Annual Arts & Crafts Festival, complete with jerk catfish (that stares at you while you eat it), fruity smoothies, and shopping galore…

Just before making nice with our Table Neighbors, reps from Columbia College’s graphic design program. These gentlemen in the background gifted the Griot Booth with some awesome playing cards, by the way.

Strawberry smoothies make databasing so much sweeter. See?

That “shopping galore” I was talking about. This warrior wristband and amber ring (made from an antique fork, believe it or not) helped us lure in two walk-ups to record on Sunday. That jewelry is magic! Or maybe it’s the shiny CDs?

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