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We’ve made it!

Posted on Friday, February 9th, 2007.

MobleBooth East has arrived in South Carolina. Alex feels at home, Nick feels far from home (in a good way), and the booth feels warm first thing in the morning. Hallelujah and rejoice! In the first few days the facilitators were interviewed by local news, photographed, and given a warm welcome. Before the interviews started the facilitators explored Columbia and went for a walk along the river. Later that night they saw “Shut up and Sing”, the story of the Dixie Chicks, at a local independent movie theatre. During the movie some guy kept talking and screaming as if he were in his own living room. But Nick, a real New Yorker, put him in his place… Guy: blah blah blah. Nick: Hey man, can you shut up? Guy: Freedom of speech, man! (cute, given the topic of the movie) Nick: You’re right, I’m sorry… Please. As they were leaving, the manager gave everyone complimentary tickets as an apology for the man’s disturbance. In the booth, things have gone more smoothly. The Humanities Council South Carolina has been a huge help in bringing diverse participants into the booth. Nick hasn’t told anyone to shut up since.

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