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We’re not in Kansas anymore…

Posted on Tuesday, August 15th, 2006.

livingroom1Our last night in town also happened to be the night of a HPPR Living Room Concert Series. We watched Randy Elmore play some mighty fine Western Swing on his fiddle. Pictured below are HPPR hosts Mary Palmer and Allen Bailey. Bailey, who sang and played guitar as part of Elmore’s band, also happens to be Marshal of Dodge City (check out that badge if you don’t believe us). The concert turned out to be the biggest draw in town!


The next morning, we packed up the booth, clicked our heels a few times and said our goodbyes to Western Kansas. We knew that we couldn’t leave Kansas without making at least a passing reference to the Wizard of Oz , but we had no idea we would drive right past Dorothy’s House in Liberal, KS. Does anyone else think those munchkins look familiar?munchkins

yellowbrickroadWe wanted to ask the Wizard for great stories, but when we looked down the yellow brick road, we could see that we had nothing to worry about!

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  • man on my road trip to Kansas from CALIFORNIA i forgot to go to DOROTHYS house!!! cant belive it its a classic.. oh well guess i must save it for the next Road Trip…great story and pics

    Comment from Robert Aparicio on October 9, 2009 at 1:25 am - Reply to this Comment

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