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Welcome to Cowtown

Posted on Friday, September 28th, 2007.

Opening day in Fort Worth, TX, came complete with cowboys in period dress, a staple of the Historic Stockyards District where MobileBooth West has parked for the month. Here in "Cowtown," StoryCorps will share the cobblestone street with a twice daily longhorn cattle drive and throngs of tourists curious about the Old West.

A particularly knowledgeable cowboy named Rocky (above) stopped to give an impromptu lecture on the history of the cattle trade, which kept our first Fort Worth participants, Shirlynn McGee and her granddaughter Janeisha, entertained while they completed their paperwork.

Ms. McGee came to MobileBooth West to talk about her struggles with diabetes and how a local program through the United Way has helped to educate her about health and nutrition. Janeisha chimed in about the importance of eating your vegetables, which are now her favorite foods. They both enjoy exercise and love to help family and neighbors make healthy lifestyle choices.

Many thanks to KERA, Dalls/Ft. Worth’s local NPR affiliate, for hosting a successful opening day. Thanks also to the United Way and The Stockyards Station.

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