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Warm Winter Welcome at McLennan Community College

Posted on Sunday, February 20th, 2011.

Along with a great month of recording at the MobileBooth in Waco, TX, Team Mobile West also worked with local leaders to organize a field recording with McLennan Community College, a cornerstone of the local community that has been serving the Waco area for more than 40 years.

We were joined by Santos Martinez, Vice President of Student Services at the College. He interviewed Irma Lopez, a friend and student at McLennan. Irma talked about returning to academia as an adult, completing schoolwork while raising two sons, and her efforts to keep tradition alive in a busy family. When asked by Santos how she likes to celebrate Christmas, she smiled as if the answer should be obvious: “Make tamales!”

Irma says her own parents “didn’t believe education was important,” but for Irma a degree is key to fulfilling her future plans: to found a social services organization in Mexico and dedicate herself to supporting families in her hometown.

Facilitator Virginia Lora sets up a field recording station 

Whatever big changes might lurk around the corner, however, Irma adds that for now she’s content to concentrate on taking advantage of everything the close-knit McLennan Community has to offer. After our warm welcome, we understand exactly what she means.

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