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University of Memphis

Posted on Monday, November 19th, 2007.

University of Memphis, coordinators

(LtoR) Ford Sylverna, Dr. Beverly Bond and Carlissa Graham

A wonderful attribute of the Story Corps experience is the opportunity it provides for people to have an undisturbed conversation with a member of their immediate community – friends, colleagues, spouses, relatives, etc. Last week Story Corps Griot spent two days at the University of Memphis. Our visit was coordinated by Dr. Beverly Bond and student leader Carlissa Graham. Almost all the participant pairs invited by our coordinators featured a younger member of the community partnered with an older member, from a slightly earlier generation. The youth and their elders; sharing, and communicating. For sure the ancestors are smiling. Whether this was conscious, or not, it is a wonderful testament to the atmosphere of education and understanding fostered by griot Dr. Beverly Bond. It was an amazing two days of interviews.

University of Memphis

Participant Ethan Skaggs (center) poses with his mentor Maurice Williams (far right), as Dr. Bond snaps a picture

University of Memphis

Jonathan Wallace rests his head on the shoulder of his Aunt, Shirley Wallace-Calhoun.

Min. Yahweh

Minister Suhkara Yaweh (right) was joined by his friend James Timothy Kendrick. Mr. Kendrick was interested in hearing how Sweet Willy Wine became Minister Suhkara Yaweh, life-long organizer, social/political activist, and one time member of the Memphis Black Panther Party for Self-Defense.


Amber Hodges interviewed her Uncle Dr. David Acey about growing up in the Orange Mound section of Memphis and his activities during the Civil Rights Movement. While an undergrand at the University of Memphis, Dr. Acey organized a local Black Student Associaiton (BSA). At the time the school was newly ‘de-segregated’ but had yet to be integrated. The newly organized BSA successfully forced integration on the campus through nonviolent direct action.

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