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Today, Beniam Johnson, a 32 year-old aspiring fil…

Posted on Saturday, April 14th, 2007.

Today, Beniam Johnson, a 32 year-old aspiring filmmaker, brought in his neighbor, Eligah Stegall, 88, to talk about his experiences as a black soldier in World War II.

Karrie Cross and Kenneth “Raven” Fraser, who will both be 40 in September, also stopped by the booth. Both were formerly incarcerated, and Karrie says that their similar life experiences are what make them perfect for each other. They recently found an apartment and will be moving in together soon. Kenneth loves to play the guitar, and would like to pursue a career in music.

Speaking of guitars, the Gibson Guitar Corporation was founded in Kalamazoo in 1902 by Orville Gibson (but back then he was only making mandolins, which probably wouldn’t have interested guitar-rocking Kenneth).

At the end of the day, Gordon Evans came from WMUK to pick up copies of some of our favorite interviews of the week in order to produce them for local broadcast. He brought along his 15-month-old twins, Abby and Nate Evans, who remarked “Lovely day we’re having. Not even one cumulus cloud in this recently extraordinarily blizzardous atmosphere of Kalamazoo to complain about.” Actually, Abby and Nate can’t yet talk, but the part about the weather is true.

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