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Throwback Thursday with Lizzie Jacobs

Posted on Thursday, October 17th, 2013.

Throwback Thursday with StoryCorps’ fearless team! Next up: Lizzie Jacobs, Senior Editor for Print and the co-Executive Producer for Animation.


“In the stories we capture and the conversations we witness lies the hope for humanity.” – Lizzie Jacobs

If you’ve ever read one of our books or enjoyed one of our animated shorts, Lizzie has had a hand in it. Back in 2003, however, while John White was up in Harlem, Lizzie was living life just a wee bit further south.

“I was living with the Granja Rivera family in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, in an intensive Spanish language program,” Lizzie remembers. After two months in Central America, she headed back to her hometown of Chicago, IL, to pursue work in publishing. “I was two years out of college and a little bit at sea.”

Three years later, that out-at-sea Chicagoan would find herself in New York City as an intern at the one, the only, StoryCorps. “I moved to New York in August of 2005 for grad school, and in November, I saw the internship online and applied right away,” she says. “I was the production intern, working under Michael Garofalo. It was only the second time they had an intern.”

So, how did she get from then to now? Lizzie says it all started with a lunch. “After my internship ended in June, I went away for the summer to be with my boyfriend at the time. When I came back in August, my first order of business was to get lunch with MG, as we call him [Michael Garofalo], and Katie Simon to find out how I could worm my way back in.”

Turns out, they needed the help. “They were swamped with a Sound Portraits documentary that was in post-production, and so they threw me a few hours a week of PA work.” The rest, as they say, is history.

ties that bind_book

Check out Lizzie’s latest work in our new book, Ties That Bind. On sale October 21st!

“Before I knew it, I was taking over the first book project from the fabulous Grant Fuller, who left to go to SALT. I then started full-time in the production department as an assistant producer, and in 2008, I launched the print department as our first editor.”

In 2010, Lizzie added our animation department to her already full plate.

Over the years, the beautiful work that Lizzie and her team do on a daily basis renews her faith in StoryCorps’ mission.

“By far the best moments have been meeting participants – whether that’s at a book event, after I’ve been reading their words over and over again for months, or in a production interview, when I have the honor of sitting down with them and hearing their stories,” says Lizzie. “You really can hear the most extraordinary stories just by taking the time to listen–but you also realize that everyday people are anything but. They are extraordinary.”

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  • Finally, the story of Lizzie’s climb to the top! Great interview!

    Comment from Jeremy on October 17, 2013 at 4:27 pm - Reply to this Comment

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