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Three’s Company

Posted on Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008.

Amber French, Tara Luce, and Isabel.
The MobileBooth was filled with oodles of new mommy love as Tara Luce and Amber French told the story of the birth of their daughter, Isabel. Although Isabel is only 3 months old and may not remember this conversation when she grows up, it will be waiting in the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress to refresh her memory.

Amber recalled their first date and Tara asking if she liked dogs and kids. “Because I was interested enough in her but not very interested in either of those questions, and I knew enough to know they would be conversation closers, I said yes.”

After Tara and Amber married, they decided on in-vitro fertilization and selected a sperm donor who seemed as much like Amber as possible. After receiving the sperm in “a tank that looked like a bomb,” Tara endured a tough pregnancy and 3 days of labor.

Tara and Amber often sang “Kookaburra” to Tara’s stomach during her long pregnancy, and they sang to Isabel after her birth to let her know she was home. Tara remembered singing in the car as they drove to Isabel’s first doctor’s appointment. “We had our wedding and had been such a strong couple for so long, but for the first time it really felt like family.”

Years from now, when Isabel listens back to the recording, she will hear Tara and Amber’s beautiful voices singing “Kookaburra” in harmony and think of home.

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