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Omaha Participants

Posted on Sunday, May 13th, 2007.

Mary Bamesburger interviewed her good friend Charles Scudder Jr. about folksinging. He told stories ranging from church singing to how folk legend and friend Pete Seeger helped him tune his first guitar. He also sang bits of songs, such as "Ragtime Cowboy Joe." Charles invited facilitator Lena Richardson to a meeting of the Omaha Folk Song Society, where she had fun listening and singing along to more songs, including "The Omaha Song." At the meeting, Lena also got to see a StoryCorps participant from the day before there–Marion Fey–who sang a duet with Charles.

Ky-Antre Compton, 11, and Stuart Chittenden, both residents of Omaha, came in to interview each other. They met through the Big Brothers, Big Sisters of the Midlands program. Ky-Antre thought that spending time with Stuart would be boring at first, but now he describes "Mr. Stuart" as the "best role model" he’s ever had. (You can hear an excerpt from Ky-Antre and Stuart’s interview here.)

Christine Besen, Mary Pat Champion, and Diane Watson (left to right), all from Omaha, came in to remember their fourth sister, Laura Ann Watson Dalton, who was murdered eight years ago in Iowa City. "Every time I see a butterfly," said Diane, "I feel like it’s Laura checking in on me."

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