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The boot’s on the other foot

Posted on Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006.


Lured by the promise of a free 72oz. steak, we visited the world famous Big Texan to see if we could down 6 lbs worth of meat within an hour. Elaine had her go at the Texas sized steak, but couldn’t muster enough appetite to claim victory.


After stuffing our selves silly, we cozied up on a rocking chair built for three. Our bellies were full as we rocked away, unware of the impending showdown ahead.


Full of cowboy spirit, we saddled up and moseyed over to Boot City, which boasts over 8,000 pairs of cowboy boots.


Mitra Bonshahi, the new kid in town, challenged outgoing facilitator Elaine to a good old fashioned duel. Elaine, a dedicated pacifist, turned her down, so Mitra took the reins and gave Elaine the boot out of Amarillo and back home to New York.

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