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The Big Game

Posted on Saturday, November 12th, 2005.


It quickly became clear that a stay in Tuscaloosa, AL wouldn’t be complete without a University of Alabama football game. Thanks to the generosity of Linda and David Ford, facilitators Maisie Tivnan and Nick Yulman found themselves in the end zone at one of Alabama’s biggest games of the year: the stand off between the Crimson Tide and Louisiana State University. Four hours and four hot dogs later, Alabama lost the game in overtime and we straggled out of the stadium with 60,000 other fans, exhausted, hoarse from all the screaming and a little bit deaf.


The tailgating celebrations offered as much entertainment as the game itself. After capturing the sounds of Alabama’s "Million Dollar Band" practicing on the quad before the game, facilitator Nick Yulman found some LSU fans to provide us with a colorful sampling of pre-game trash-talking.

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