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Tekamah, Nebraska

Posted on Saturday, May 26th, 2007.

Facilitator Lena Richardson said goodbye to Jenna Weiss-Berman and went off to visit her friend’s family in Tekamah, NE, a farming community which is north of Omaha. She found that contrary to some people’s ideas about Nebraska that northeast Nebraska is green and lush.

Bev Lydick and her husband Wally and their son Chance hosted Lena in their home. Here Bev is pictured with Chance. Successive generations of the Lydick family have been farming in Nebraska for 150 years.

In addition, Bev is also a newspaper reporter and story-collector herself and she arranged some StoryCorps interviews with town residents, which Lena conducted with the field recording equipment. One interview was between Bev and her best friend Mona. They met in a guitar class when Bev was seven months pregnant with her first child and over the last 34 years, have formed wacky clubs, done community theater, and adventured on the road together to name just a few of their escapades.

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