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Posted on Tuesday, September 6th, 2005.

On our way out of Chicago this morning, we stopped at Studs Terkel’s house to talk with the master oral historian and dedicate our booth to him.


Studs sat down in the booth and shared some wonderful stories with us. Among so much else, he explained how technical blunders can sometimes be an asset, bemoaned the waning presence of the human voice in our culture, and told of a bus-stop confrontation during which he convinced a self-proclaimed anti-unionist that Labor Day should be celebrated.

At 93, Studs still has a mind like a trap, an encyclopedic knowledge of history and, seemingly, the ability to recall every person he’s ever interviewed. As he says, "Curiosity didn’t kill this cat!"

Thank you deeply for your hospitality, advice and constant inspiration, Studs!

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