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About StoryCorpsU

With StoryCorpsU (SCU), we introduce an interactive, year-long youth development program for high-need schools that uses StoryCorps radio broadcasts and animated shorts to support the development of identity and social intelligence in students. SCU is also an especially powerful tool for strengthening school relationships, a key factor in academic achievement.

The program enables students to experience their teachers as interested not only in their learning, but also in who they are as individuals. Sharing stories among teachers, students, and families creates the types of human connections that play an important role in high school completion.

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From a Partner

“The experience I had working with StoryCorps is something that words cannot convey. StoryCorps gave my students a platform not only to find their voice, but to let that voice be shaped by the words, history, and experiences of their loved ones. By sharing their interviews, these young men became more confident in themselves, more empathetic towards their peers, and more united as a group.”

Joshua Lupher
Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice
Brooklyn, NY

StoryCorpsU News & Updates

Our Mobile team is in Durham, NC for another amazing stop on the 2014 tour. We Are StoryCorps has everything you need to know about our visit, the city, & much more!

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