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StoryCorps Goes South By Southwest

Posted on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011.

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This past week StoryCorps headed south to Austin, TX, for the 2011 South By Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Summit and Film Festival. Interactive indeed! The Austin Convention Center was buzzing – or dare I say a-twitter – with activity. Thanks to our friends at P.O.V. and PBS who sponsored a series of interviews, we recorded interviews with bloggers and web developers and documentary filmmakers. In homage to the interactive nature of the conference, here’s a recap of the conference in the form of a twitter feed:


  • @herbadmother @unmarketing “I’m a #mommy blogger and proud of it!” Catherine Connors talks with friend Scott Stratten about parenting and working from home.
  • From the #Upper Peninsula in Michigan to #Afghanistan, Cole, Matt, Dominic & Heather discussed their upcoming doc: Where Soldiers Come From
  • @mollycrabapple @jahfurry, friends and collaborators, Molly Crabapple & Jeff Newelt talk illustration, comics, burlesque and dystopian internet futures
  • @jw @rachelruns, Husband and wife, Josh and Rachel Williams discuss raising a family and the ups and downs of building an internet startup: @gowalla
  • Filmmakers PJ Raval and Kyle Henry spoke about influence versus inspiration and the poignant moments of their lives.
  • @pamslim @stephanieklein, new friends, Pamela Slim and Stephanie Klein talk inspiration, risk-taking, and breaking free (Yippee!) from the cubicle
  • @kinodeluxe Professors and filmmakers Andy Garrison and Bart Weiss talk sound. How are we influenced by sound? It's the first sense to develop and the last to go.
  • 8 homemade bombs, 2 years in prison, Bradley Crowder talks with doc filmmaker Katie Galloway about activism and ideology
  • @paolo @amanda_hirsch Twitter pals, Paolo Sambrano and Amanda Hirsch met for the first time in-person at StoryCorps! They talked writing and internet friendship

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