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StoryCorps at your door

Posted on Saturday, March 3rd, 2007.

The Griot Initiative is unique in many ways. Not only can participants come to the GriotBooth to record an interview, StoryCorps facilitators go out into the community every day with portable recording equipment. Pictured above are StoryCorps facilitator Elaine Davenport (center) with participants Carlton Cox (left) and Sam Rush (right) at Task Force for the Homeless, an organization that is hosting StoryCorps recordings in Atlanta. We are working with several Atlanta organizations and institutions, like the Task Force, who provide a room to record in and help organize interviews for people in their community. This service is similar to the StoryCorps Door-to-Door program. If you’d like to bring StoryCorps facilitators to your organization and record interviews of people in your community, please visit the StoryCorps Door-to-Door page of our website.

Task Force for the Homeless advocates for the dignity and rights of homeless people in our society. Their goal is to prevent homelessness by seeking appropriate and affordable housing and services for all. Above is a picture of the drop-in center, a place where any homeless person can go to get off the street during the day. Task Force staff work to connect people at the drop-in center to other services offered, which include meals, job counseling, computer access, and housing counseling.

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  • I miss you guys. I really wish we had longer. Maybe with a weekend off every once in awhile but… !!!!
    much love,

    Comment from Christi on April 2, 2007 at 1:36 pm - Reply to this Comment

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