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StoryCorps 10th Anniversary Gala—The Recap!

Posted on Friday, November 1st, 2013.

Our Inaugural Gala in New York City on Wednesday, October 30, was an incredible success! Hosted by the brilliant Stephen Colbert and honoring Stanley S. Shuman and Jack Rosenthal, we could not have asked for a better way to celebrate our 10th anniversary!

Want an honorary front row seat? Enjoy a visual recap of the gala, plus some of the best Stephen Colbert quotes of the evening!


“There is really only one plot: the need to give and receive love. And that’s what every human story is really about. And that’s why StoryCorps means something to all of us.”

–Stephen on the significance of storytelling.

“For your fancy gala, who do you call? Do you turn over to your diverse cross section of average citizens? No! You call in the grade A red carpet lens-meat, you hypocrites! How dare you? What I’m trying to say is: I’m honored to be here tonight because I love StoryCorps.”

–Stephen on the honor of hosting our Inaugural Gala.

“When we start showing clips, you’ll be crying like John Boehner chopping onions while being crowned Miss America.”

–Stephen on the stories from StoryCorps.

“I knew David Isay before StoryCorps even began – if by ‘knew’ you mean ‘listened to on the radio.’ Because back when I was a correspondent for something called The Daily Show, I was a huge fan of David Isay. He found interesting people with distinct points of view, which was something that I was supposed to be doing instead of listening to the radio. And many is the time that I would head out into the field going after and speaking to the same people that he did, but with video and jokes and without his cumbersome attention to their humanity.”

– Stephen on Dave Isay.

“We live in a time when absolutely everything is a source of division. Everything plays as a political statement. Coastal cities vs, small towns. Republicans vs. Democrats, MSNBC vs. FOX, Costco vs. Sam’s Club. But you don’t hear any political agenda on StoryCorps–you don’t hear any agenda at all. You just hear a desire to share.”

–Stephen on his love of StoryCorps.

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