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Songs from the Open Road: A Facilitator Playlist

Posted on Friday, December 6th, 2013.

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Is there anything better than belting out your favorite song as you drive down the open road? The writer of this blog post, for example, is dancing in their seat just thinking of jamming out with some Freddie Mercury or Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs–two solid drive-time favorites of theirs. (The writer would also like to quickly apologize for referring to themselves in the third person).

As expert travelers, journeying far and wide to record stories, the StoryCorps Facilitators definitely know a thing or two about keeping a good playlist handy as well. Today they are going to share with you the ultimate StoryCorps playlist–the songs they love to rock out to on the road.

The StoryCorps Facilitator Road Mix

1.) Normandie by The Shout Out Louds

  • This is a great car song! Especially for those really long beautiful drives; it makes you feel like the world is at your disposal.–Mayra Sierra, Mobile Facilitator


2.) Furr by Blitzen Trapper.

  • I listened to this song non-stop on a cross-country road trip when I was 18 so at this point I’m wired to sing along. I also never listen to anything else by this band, just the one.–Daniel Sitts, Door-to-Door


3.) The Gardener by The Tallest Man on Earth.

  • For some reason this has always been the companion song to Furr. I love songs that sound beautiful but are actually about something gruesome.–Daniel Sitts, Door-to-Door


4.) Hold On We’re Going Home by Drake

  • Who doesn’t love to sing along to the latest hit single?–Callie Thuma, Mobile


5.) I Wanna Dance with Somebody by Whitney Houston

  • This is the only Whitney Houston song I can sing along to without completely embarrassing myself. And, it is impossible to hear this song and not sing it with a smile. The car ride seems shorter.–Anna Berlanga, Mobile


6.) Suciedad by Carla Morrison

  • Listening to this song on the open road with the sun warming you through the windows is delightful.–Anna Berlanga, Mobile


7.) My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark by Fall Out Boy

  • Surviving the Fall Out Boy Hiatus was tough, but I did it. And now I can belt this song out as loud as I want and make my co-facilitator laugh.–Anna Berlanga, Mobile


8.) Oye Mi Amor by Mana’

  • Because we have all been in love and want to sing about it.–Anna Berlanga, Mobile


9.) Space Captain by Joe Cocker

  • My family will listen to this song on road trips. It makes me think of them singing loudly and proudly.–Christina Stanton, Door-to-Door


10.) Rill Rill by Sleigh Bells

  • This song makes me smile and helps me refocus when things are crazy around me.–Christina Stanton, Door-to-Door


11.) Beat Authority hosted by David Sommerstein by North Country Public Radio

  • This is not really just one song, but what I love to listen to on the road. It’s a music show produced by North Country Public Radio out of Canton, New York. Host David Sommerstein plays energetic contemporary music from all over the world, and from musical communities from around the US. His weekly mix is always a great mood-lifter and companion for any sort of task — driving, cleaning the Booth, or archiving interviews. Plus, I learn a lot about music from his show.–Eliza Bettinger, Mobile Site Supervisor


12.) Georgia on My Mind performed by Oscar Peterson

  • I grew up in Georgia so when I’m feeling sentimental I listen to this slow, jazzy version of our state anthem. It reminds me of home.–Jill Glaser, Door-to-Door

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  • when will you next be in ar. and is there any I can access the storys and listen to more I watch amy’s show democracy now–every day and your interview today,dec 25 was very good. dlsmith

    Comment from donald l smith on December 26, 2013 at 1:36 am - Reply to this Comment

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