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Recording At A Mile High In Montrose, Colorado

Posted on Friday, September 4th, 2009.

In the Montrose Public Library, near the Libros En Espanol [Books in Spanish] section, we took over a study room and set up shop for a week-long recording session of 41 conversations in Montrose, Colorado.

The city of Montrose rests north of the towering San Juan Mountains at an altitude of 5,806 feet. It’s home to a diverse group of residents including long-timers whose families have been in the area for multiple generations, transplants from bigger cities looking for a slower pace, and nature-seekers wanting to co-exist with the beautiful Colorado landscape. And boy, is it beautiful!

Although we were only there for a week, Montrose Public Library gave us the full red-carpet greeting. A wonderful ice cream social – covered by Montrose Daily Press – was arranged by the library on Opening Day, and Library Director Paul Paladino formally welcomed us with open arms; KVNF news director Daniel Costello talked about the radio station’s excitement; and West MobileBooth Site Supervisor Whitney Henry-Lester thanked the crowd for their participation. Needless to say, we were very excited to begin!

Several community organizations helped us recruit participants from all around Montrose. They included The Asanga Institute, Western Colorado Friends of Tibet,  the Hispanic Affairs Pastoral Project, and Friends of the Ute Indian Museum, among others.

The shining star for us during our stay was Montrose’s own Meg Nagel, the Volunteer Coordinator and Adult Programs Director of the library (pictured in the first photo in the slideshow below). She was there to welcome us every morning, bid us farewell every night and provide us with tips on the region’s best sights, sounds and tastes. Meg also capped off the week by organizing a fantastic farewell party with food, beverages and desserts, and live country tunes from Montrose’s own Paul Nystrom! Thanks for everything, Montrose!

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