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Profesoras, Alumnas, Amigas

Posted on Wednesday, May 13th, 2009.

Katherine y Beatriz vinieron a la MobileBooth en Asheville, Carolina del Norte para conversar sobre su amistad que se ha desarrollado desde aprender Ingles y Espa&#241ol juntas. Katherine le pregunt&#243 a Beatriz, “&#191C&#243mo llegamos a ser amigas? Somos muy diferentes, tengo casi el doble de su edad, tu tienes una familia y yo soy soltera y jubilada. Para m&#237 aprender el espa&#241ol es un pasatiempo, para ti es una necesidad para sobrevivir aqu&#237…”

“How did we become friends?,” Katherine asked her friend Beatriz in Spanish during their recent interview in Asheville, NC. “We are very different.” Indeed, they are different. Katherine is almost twice Beatrice’s age. Katherine is single, Beatrice is raising a family. But perhaps their most glaring difference is language. Katherine is a native English speaker, while Beatrice’s mother tongue is Spanish. For Katherine, learning Spanish is a hobby, whereas for Beatriz, she must learn a new language to survive in this country.


Cuando Beatriz se mud&#243 a Asheville de M&#233xico, ella empez&#243 poco a poco a aprender Ingles con Katherine. Ense&#241ando una a la otra, han aprendido no solamente el idioma de la otra, sino tambi&#233n las distintas culturas. “Lo que me interesa es la diferencia, tengo muchas amigas de mi misma edad y cultura,” dice Katherine. “Creo que nuestra amistad ha mejorado porque tenemos la misma experiencia de aprender el idioma.”

When Beatriz moved to Asheville from Mexico, she began to learn English with Katherine as her tutor. However throughout the course of their studies together Katherine started asking Beatrice more and more questions about Spanish. Soon they were switching between English and Spanish. Katherine would give Beatrice a lesson in English and then Beatrice would reciprocate with a lesson in Spanish. “I believe that our friendship has improved because we have the same experience of learning the language. “We have a lot of patience for the other because we share the same frustrations learning the language, ” said Katherine.

“&#191Por qu&#233 querr&#237a aprender espa&#241ol? &#191Para conversar conmigo?” le pregunt&#243 Beatriz a Katherine. “Si” respondi&#243 Katherine, “pero tambi&#233n me di cuenta que el mundo habia cambiado, ahora el mundo pertenece a los biling&#252es o triling&#252es,” Katherine dijo. Adem&#225s, la mama de ella la inspir&#243 a aprender un nuevo idioma. “Cuando ella tenia 90 a&#241os, ella todav&#237a estaba repasando su vocabulario en Espa&#241ol.”

“Why would you want to learn Spanish? To talk to me?” Beatriz asked Katherine.

“Yes,” Katherine replied, “but I also realized that the world has changed, now the world belongs to those that are bilingual or trilingual.” Moreover, Katherine’s mother inspired her to learn a new language. “When [her mother] was 90 years old, she was still reviewing her Spanish vocabulary.”

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  • Hi,
    I’m an international student from Saudi Arabia at University of North Carolina at Charlotte.
    Friendship is wonderful thing happen between people no matter where they are from the most important thing that their souls have met and became one soul.

    Comment from An on June 7, 2009 at 12:15 pm - Reply to this Comment
  • What a wonderful overheard quote, Anna.

    Comment from Whitney on May 17, 2009 at 9:18 pm - Reply to this Comment
  • I recently heard another adult talking about becoming bilingual say, “When you learn a new language, you gain another soul.”

    Nunca es tarde para emepezar a aprender, ni tampoco comenzar una nueva amistad!

    Comment from Anna on May 13, 2009 at 11:41 am - Reply to this Comment

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