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Pie Invitations

Posted on Friday, August 22nd, 2008.

pie night12

After Steve and his grandmother Evelyn came to record a conversation at the booth in Buffalo, we started talking pie. Evelyn become known for her pie when her grandson Steve, a writer for the Buffalo News, published a special on her delicious desserts. After the interview, we started talking about our favorite kinds of pie and Evelyn invited us over to try her recipe.

pie night1

On that Sunday evening, after a day of interviews, we made our way out to her house, where she and Steve welcomed us with warm blueberry and strawberry rhubarb pies. Both were so delicious we had to have seconds. After filling ourselves up, we stayed for hours of great conversation. This is Buffalo, people who warmly welcome us, share their stories, and sometimes even share the perfect pie.

pie night8

Talking pie has provided several invitations here in Buffalo: prize-winning pie, peanut butter pie, and a Super 8/pie-eating extravaganza. “It is the American dessert,” Steve said. As Facilitators, or explorers of stories across America, it seems quite fitting that we are sharing pie with new friends.

pie night9

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