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Perks of the Job

Posted on Wednesday, March 12th, 2008.

Aaron, Hallie, and Shawna Burciaga
Our second week at Camp Lejeune brought in even more amazing interviews from Marines, their families, and their friends. Aaron (L) and Shawna Burciaga (R) came in with their first daughter, three month old Hallie Jean (M). They talked about meeting in high school and then meeting again after they had both been away to college and completed their Mormon missions. It was love at second sight, and they were soon married after a very romantic surprise proposal in Times Square. After six months of marriage, Aaron deployed to Iraq. They are now getting ready to move to Monterey, California, where Aaron will attend military graduate school, and where Hallie Jean will have fun in the California sun.

One of the biggest perks of being a facilitator: we get to hold babies like little Hallie Jean Burciaga!

Amanda and Francisco Castillo
Aaron then sent in his friend Francisco Castillo (R) and Francisco’s daughter Amanda Castillo (L) in for an interview. Francisco told Amanda stories about his rowdy childhood and his love of exploring the woods, which included a couple of frightening but exhilarating encounters with bears. They also talked about Francisco’s wife, and Amanda’s mother, who is a Marine currently deployed in Iraq. She has been away since September and comes back this Friday, and Francisco has been taking care of their four children, including Amanda, in her absence. Amanda is very excited for her mom to came home because, among other things, she is an excellent cook. Cooking is not Francisco’s specialty, and, Amanda tells him, “I’m sick of eating steaks all the time!”

Speaking of Marines coming home, Camp Lejeune and the area surrounding is decorated with hundreds of signs welcoming Marines back.

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